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The History of Tazzie Tales of Sassafras Creek


Most of my childhood I spent as much time as possible outdoors, in the nearby forest, down by the creek, in the meadows with their beautiful wildflowers, as well as the vineyard hills. With 'Tazzie Tales of Sassafras Creek Valley', I melded some of my childhood adventures in a Swiss landscape with the exotic scenery of Tasmania.



A series of six children's adventure stories set on an exotic island in the South Seas (where I live) tells of unusual creatures in an unusual landscape. Some of the adventures are based on my own childhood adventures—from the opposite side of the globe—and I felt that I should share these adventures with young readers who appreciate rare and endangered species. The children of Sassafras Creek Valley are instrumental in assuring that the animals in their valley are well cared for.



Between 2002 and 2006 I researched, designed the covers for, illustrated, and wrote the six novels. The six works were re-edited in 2017 to incorporate latest developments in the preservation of critically endangered wildlife.



The response from school children, after in-school readings of the early editions, was actually phenomenal (in my humble assessment of things). See 'Reader Reviews and Comments' in the left column. Some comments are very cute.



I am a self-published author (and have been since 2004; my books have no ISBN, and are available only through links provided on Since 1996 I have created over sixty books (novels, translations, photo and art albums), of which six are a special series about Tasmanian native wildlife and the children who care for them, wrapped in exciting adventures.


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