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Tazzie Tales of Sassafras Creek Valley
The companion contains information for the 'grown ups' about the contents of the six young readers novels, but also serves to complement the adventure stories with background information to the individual volumes, two sample chapters, and more.
Companion to Tazzie Tales of Sassafras Creek Valley
Companion to
Tazzie Tales of
Sassafras Creek Valley

The adventures of
Benjamin Arthurson,
Samantha Hogan,

Geoffrey and Rebecca Smythe-Simmons, as
well as their parents,
grandparents, uncles
and aunties in
Sassafras Creek Valley.

Noldi Mister Capricorn

Guetnachtgschichtli us Auschtralie zum Vorläse; vo de Marlies in Auschtralie för ehri ganz chline Neffe und Nichte i de Schwiz. Gschichtli mit em alte Dingo, em Pippo Possum, Kitty Koala, em Bruno Baumkänguru, Willy Wombat, em Gretli de Blauzungeächse, mit em Polly Pinguin, Eddie Echidna, Henry Emu, Rosie Rosella, Tobi Tasi Tüfel, Beni de Bütelwolf, em Worm im Öpfel, mit em alte Hund Tiny wo em chline Geissbock Noldi vieli Gschichtli verzellt, und vor allem, mit emene Humbeli wo Horus gheisse häd.

Noldi Mister Capricorn

Illuschtriert. (Alemannisch, Suisse Allemand, Schwizerduetsch, Swiss German Dialect)

Swiss Tradition In Black and White

Swiss Tradition in Black & White

The History of the Bernese Mountain Dog, Australian Bernese Mountain Dog bloodlines, the purpose of the breed and a 'how-to' care program and health hints for the BMD owner.

Wafters, Frazzlers & Black Unicorns is an excursion into the fantastic world of fairies and trolls, frazzlers and wafters, sorcerers and dragons, magical and impossible adventures; Peachblossom is the fairy guardian of a garden in Tasmania, the folklore of which gave the two-headed troll, the fairy’s nemesis, his particular and peculiar morphology; members of Tasmania’s fauna and flora have directly and indirectly inspired the features for creatures like the wafter, the frazzler or the golden bird.

Wafters, Frazzlers and Black Unicorns
Wafters, Frazzlers & Black Unicorns

Birds in Tasmania

Wearable Art (foulards) by Marlies Bugmann:

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