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Companion to
Tazzie Tales of
Sassafras Creek Valley

The companion contains information for the 'grown ups' about the contents of the six young readers novels, but also serves to complement the adventure stories with background information to the individual volumes, two sample chapters, and more.
Growing up during the late 1950s and early 1960s in a small, rural village in northern Switzerland, I spent most of my childhood time outdoors, in the nearby forest, down by the creek, in the meadows with their beautiful wildflowers, as well as the vineyard hills. I made acquantances with the deer in the forest, for I learnt to walk cautiously, and they allowed me to get so close that I could see their shiny black eyes; I even managed to observe the fox as it made its way along its well-trodden path.
Down by the creek, where the trout dashed off when I splashed into the water, I caught tadpoles, and brought them home to mother in my apron pocket--to her dismay. On the hilly slope on the other side of the village, running through the neat rows of grapevines, blackbirds, sparrows, kites, finches and other old-world songbirds kept me company.
Today, almost all of the rural landscape in which I played has become a suburban sea of houses; such a shame. When I moved to Tasmania's south-east, I once again found myself surrounded by wide-open countryside. The fact that the island is situated on the opposite side of the globe matters not--the otherness of the wildlife, the plants, as well as the weather, are an exquisite replacement for what I left behind half a century ago.
With 'Tazzie Tales of Sassafras Creek Valley', I melded some of my childhood adventures in a Swiss landscape with the exotic scenery of Tasmania.

Tazzie Tales Of Sassafras Creek Valley:

The adventures of
Benjamin Arthurson,
Samantha Hogan,

Geoffrey and Rebecca Smythe-Simmons, as
well as their parents,
grandparents, uncles
and aunties in
Sassafras Creek Valley.

The Specialists listed here, who assisted me with researching Tasmania's (and New Zealand's) wildlife at some time between 2002 and 2006 (depending on subject), are gratefully acknowledged for their assistance, as applicable to original content, and as maintained in the 2017 edition:

Thylacine: Cameron R. Campbell, The Thylacine Museum,

Swift Parrot: Raymond Brereton, Zoologist

Tasmanian Devil / Foxes:

Quolls: Androo Kelly, Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary, Mole Creek,

Wedge-tailed Eagle: Bill Brown, Wildlife Biologist, DPIPWE

New Zealand Raptors: Debbie Stewart MNZM

Tasmanian Micro Bats: Tamara Kabat, Wildlife Specialist.

Guetnachtgschichtli us Auschtralie zum Vorläse; vo de Marlies in Auschtralie för ehri ganz chline Neffe und Nichte i de Schwiz. Gschichtli mit em alte Dingo, em Pippo Possum, Kitty Koala, em Bruno Baumkänguru, Willy Wombat, em Gretli de Blauzungeächse, mit em Polly Pinguin, Eddie Echidna, Henry Emu, Rosie Rosella, Tobi Tasi Tüfel, Beni de Bütelwolf, em Worm im Öpfel, mit em alte Hund Tiny wo em chline Geissbock Noldi vieli Gschichtli verzellt, und vor allem, mit emene Humbeli wo Horus gheisse häd.

Illuschtriert. (Alemannisch, Suisse Allemand, Schwizerduetsch, Swiss German Dialect)

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The History of the Bernese Mountain Dog, Australian Bernese Mountain Dog bloodlines, the purpose of the breed and a 'how-to' care program and health hints for the BMD owner.

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Wafters, Frazzlers & Black Unicorns is an excursion into the fantastic world of fairies and trolls, frazzlers and wafters, sorcerers and dragons, magical and impossible adventures; Peachblossom is the fairy guardian of a garden in Tasmania, the folklore of which gave the two-headed troll, the fairy’s nemesis, his particular and peculiar morphology; members of Tasmania’s fauna and flora have directly and indirectly inspired the features for creatures like the wafter, the frazzler or the golden bird.

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The albums with photographs by David Irwin depict the colourful bird life on a remote, exotic island - Tasmania. (Generous previews on author spotlight.)
Designed, created, and independently published by Marlies Bugmann.
More than 165 drawings, sketches and other pencilwork in two volumes:
My Sketch Book, My Sketch Book 2.
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Winnetou & Other Tales, 2004 - 2017, available  here.

Videos to accompany my English Karl May books on

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